Ascendance flight

Fly high like a bird of prey


option 30€
20 to 30 min
Bird's eye view of Mont Blanc
From 12 years and up to 110kg. Afternoon and evening flights taking off from the Bouc Blanc. We will use all the available thermals to give you a bird’s eye view of Mont Blanc (depending on the conditions).
During this magical flight, our fully qualified pilots will adapt to your wishes to ensure you enjoy your flight as much as possible. Reflective, proximity, educational, or adrenaline pumping. It's your choice!
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What's included


The transfer to the takeoff point during summer.


We provide all the equipment you need, harness, helmet, jacket (during summer).


You are insured for both the flight and the transfer during summer to get to the takeoff point.


The state-certified pilots will adapt the flight to your desires.