Premium flight

Immerse yourself in the 3rd dimension


option 40€
20 to 30 min
Unlimited pleasure
Discover the 3rd dimension during this long-lasting flight. Drift down to the valley floor after taking off at an altitude of more than 2600m, while making the most of any rising air currents. Soaring over the Saulire with the Mont Blanc on the horizon, you will know what it feels like to be a bird of prey!
Throughout the flight, your fully qualified pilot will adapt to your desires and the aerological conditions to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from the experience. Relaxing, adrenaline-inducing or instructional. It's your choice!
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What's included


The transfer to the takeoff point during summer.


We provide all the equipment you need, harness, helmet, jacket (during summer).


You are insured for both the flight and the transfer during summer to get to the takeoff point.


The state-certified pilots will adapt the flight to your desires.